Perfect Concept Construction is proud to announce that we have received HomeAdvisor’s Seal of Approval for our remodeling services.

The HomeAdvisorSM seal on our website shows that they have verified our business license, identity, background and insurance. They also allow consumers to post reviews, and we hope you will submit your review of Perfect Concept Construction here as well.

Beyond this recent accolade, we hope you will also read through our testimonials. We believe that our customers are the best confirmation we can offer you. They are witnesses to the quality of our work, and they have seen our creativity and integrity firsthand. If you have used us in the past, we hope that you will write a testimonial for us too. Just click here to do so.

HomeAdvisor logoThis seal of approval is one more vote of confidence for the high level of service we provide. We are pleased that their process affirms our integrity and the high standard of quality that we set for ourselves.

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HomeAdvisor, formerly ServiceMagic, is a free and easy way for homeowners to find and connect with trusted home improvement, maintenance, and repair professionals. As the nation’s largest home improvement marketplace, it has connected more than 35 million homeowners to its network of pre-screened home service professionals since its launch in 1999. To learn more, go to abouthomeadvisor.com.


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Avoid Winter Repairs: Here’s How

Tips To Avoid Nightmares Before Christmas

Avoid winter repairs to keep holidays happy and bank accounts healthy! Want a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? Want to minimize the “crazy” in the 8 crazy nights of Hannukah? Here is Perfect Concept Construction’s list! Check it twice now to avoid nightmares later!


If we had to name the three saddest jobs we do, they would all be these winter emergency calls:

1.    Frozen pipes
2.    Ice damming
3.    If it snows a lot, roof collapses

Not that we want to cut into our revenue stream, but honestly, we would much rather make less money off of others’ misfortunes. And honestly, most of these three jobs can be prevented. And to be brutally honest, chances are that your insurance company is expecting you to prevent them — and they won’t pay later for prevention you didn’t do beforehand. Please take our three tips to avoid winter repairs:

Prevention Tip #1: Insulate, Insulate, Insulate!

proper insulation saves a lot

Proper insulation saves money and heartbreak for years.

Proper interior insulation will save time, money, heartache, and huge messes. Properly insulated pipes won’t freeze. A properly insulated roof and attic will keep the roof at a constant temperature, and that prevents the freezing and thawing that leads to ice damming.
Check your pipes’ insulation, and check your roof and attic insulation.

Prevention Tip #2: Prune Your Trees and Clear Your Gutters.

Just clearing the gutters and downspouts is not enough. It’s key, but it’s not enough. To avoid winter repairs, trees need to be pruned so that when their boughs and limbs get heavy with snow and ice, they don’t land on the roof or gutters.

If you hire a tree surgeon to prune your trees, have the tree roots checked as well. The last thing anyone wants is a large root disrupting any underground pipes or lines, or interfering with your foundation.

Prevention Tip #3: Check Your Flashings.

flashing around a mansard window.

Flashings seal the roof around elements, such as mansard windows.

Flashings are the roof’s connections to anything extending from the roof — parapets, chimneys, exhaust pipes, gutters, and so forth. The flashings are made of different material than shingles or roof membrane, and they respond differently to heat/cold and UV radiation. So get them checked. A strong, healthy flashing prevents moisture intrusion, which keeps you dry inside your home and helps to prevent ice dams.

You’ll want to take care of these items before the temperature hits the freeze mark. Once freezing occurs, materials won’t set, cure, or dry the same, and you will probably end up having to repeat the entire process very quickly. Spend the money once instead of twice: do it before the first frost.

How can we help you? Many of these items are easy for do-it-yourselfers. Even if you want to do the work yourself, we’re happy to help you evaluate your roof, gutters, masonry, and insulation to avoid winter repairs. Call us to discuss it!

The information contained in this article does not constitute a warranty of any kind and does not imply a contract of any kind.

The photograph of the mansard window with flashings is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:H%C3%B4tel_Demoret_-_Moulins_(2).jpg#/media/File:H%C3%B4tel_Demoret_-_Moulins_(2).jpg

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